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Skillfully Addressing Child Custody And Support Matters

You love your children, and it was or will be difficult to share the news about your divorce. Your life has changed, and so has theirs. This is when child custody and support matters must be addressed. At the Law Office of Martha McKee, our legal team is here to provide the guidance and support you need to navigate this difficult time.

Our founder, Martha McKee, is a seasoned attorney who assertively advocates for our clients. Because each family is unique, we want clients to understand all their legal options. When you meet with one of our attorneys, we will discuss the custody process, your rights as a parent, what legal strategies best support your case,  how child support works, and how related professionals (such as GALs, Parenting Coordinators, forensic custody evaluators, mediators, etc.) may assist your family, among other issues.

Seeking Amicable Solutions In Child Custody Matters

It is always preferable to negotiate an amicable child custody agreement when possible. If both parents are able to negotiate, a Parenting Agreement or a Consent Order can usually be reached between lawyers. We use a graduated approach, unless otherwise indicated, starting with negotiations, going next to mediation tactics, then moving toward litigation. Compared to litigation, this method often proves to be faster, less expensive and less stressful. Crucially, it also gives both parents more control over the outcome.

However, you cannot control whether your opposing party will agree to amicably resolve your legal dispute. When that happens, you need a fearless advocate who is willing to represent your interests in court.  Attorney McKee prefers to settle cases to mitigate the familial impact, as family law trials are hard on families. However, she loves to litigate and has built her reputation in the courtroom as a tough litigator, on par with Durham’s finest.

Ensuring Fair And Accurate Child Support

Child support awards are formulaic and based on a number of factors, including the number of children being supported, the income of both parents as well as costs associated with the children. Whether you are going to receive child support or you are being asked to pay, our job is to ensure that, when negotiating inside or outside of court, we are working with accurate financial information that will lead to a fair, appropriate and sustainable child support award. If this is your first child support matter, or you need to modify your current award or obligation, we are here to assist you with the difficult matter of child support.

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